Plank Owners Club

Be Part of Something Big

The SMITTY’S BREWING Plank Owners Club is a one-time opportunity to get in at the ground level to support one of the most unique ideas to come to brewing in a long time.

First and foremost, SMITTY’S BREWING is a brewery for ALL to enjoy. With that being said we are 100% veteran oriented, we are by vets for vets and here to help our veteran brothers and sisters in need, and why not. If you are a vet like us then you love beer. It has been intertwined in the military as long as the military has been here. We sailed into battle with tanks full of beer and brought it back from lands far and wide. A brand of beer by Vets just makes sense. With that said you don’t have to be a Vet to be part of the family. The Veteran Side of The Brewery is Why We Do What We Brew!

In order to realize our dreams, we're asking you, our friends, neighbors, and associates to support us through the Plank Owners Club. The concept of the program is simple. You sign up for a fee and, in return, get some amazing benefits that will be offered just this one time. There's only one chance to become a Smitty’s Brewing Plank Owner—and the program is open from now through the first year of the taproom being open or until we sell all available slots.

We have signed a lease for a building on Lebo Blvd in Bremerton to build our taproom. With your help through the Plank Owners Club, we will be setting a goal for a soft open in the March/April time frame. This program will help with the heavy burden of startup funding needed now.

We're excited to be able to offer this Club and can't wait to have you on board. Read on for more details.

What is a Salty Plank Owner?
As a Salty Plank Owner you are all in. You believe in Smitty’s Brewing and you want to support us in any way you can. You're an individual who believes in the concept of what we are doing here at Smitty’s Brewing—a brewery that is military oriented and the veteran side of the brewery is why we do what we brew. Salty Plank Owner’s get the most respect and best treatment from us at Smitty’s Brewing.

What is a Plank Owner?
Much like a Salty Plank Owner, a Plank Owner is an individual who believes in the concept of what we are doing here at Smitty’s but isn't able to commit at the Salty level. You get the Plank Owners growler, glass, access to the party and discounts so it's still an incredible membership.

Salty Plank Owner’s benefits are lifetime.
•Pints are 20% off in the tap room
•Merchandise is 15% off
Brewer's Pint Glass
Plank Owner’s Tap Handle
Plank Owner’s Club Party!
Plank Owner's coaster
Exclusive access to the Plank Owner’s Lounge
Your Plank on our Plank Owner’s Wall
Plank Owner’s Club Dog Tags
Discount cards

Plank Owner expire after 1 year.
•Pints are 10% off in the tap room
•Merchandise is 10% off
Brewer's Pint Glass
Plank Owner’s Tap Handle
Plank Owner’s Club Party!

Bar Glass

Each Plank Owner will receive a limited-edition custom-made insulated growler. We only made enough of these for each Plank Owner and will never make them again. Fill it with tasty SMITTY’S brew or show your pride when you head to another brewery or bar.

Brewer's Pint Glass
Enjoy your Smitty’s brew in a Plank Owner’s pint 20oz pint glass. Similar to the growler, we've only made enough of these for each Plank Owner. These will never be made again.

Plank Owner’s Tap Handle
This is one of the coolest benefits, we think, for the Plank Owners. For the duration of your Plank Owner membership, we will have a tap handle dedicated to pouring an exclusive beer only for Plank Owners. It could be anything¬—something experimental, fun, or a one-time beer. The point is, it's yours alone to taste.

Plank Owner’s Club Party!
After we're up and running we'll hold an exclusive party just for Plank Owners and a guest. Trust us; this will be done in style. You WON'T want to miss this.


Added Benefits at the Salty Level:

• Marble Plank Owner Coaster
Getting the theme here? Of course, you have to put your brewer's pint glass on something. What better way to do it than on a Plank Owner coaster? Again, this is a limited run just for Plank Owners. After that, it's paper coasters for everyone!

• Exclusive access to the Plank Owner’s Lounge
If the tap room is too noisy or you want to kick back with a brew on the sofa, come on over to the lounge–tucked away from the brewery but still close enough to head back and get your glass filled! Plank Owner's Lounge will be a later addition to the Tap Room, once we obtain the other half of the building. This will also give us time to make it 5.0!

• Your Plank on our Plank Owner’s Wall
Each Plank Owners will be immortalized on our Plank Owner’s wall in the brewery. Planks are imprinted with your name—or you can even customize it with your signature—and then placed on our wall in the brewery. It'll be in a place where everyone can see so they'll know the individuals bold enough to support Smitty’s Brewing in the early days.

• Plank Owner’s Club Dog Tags
Being a VIP has its privileges—and one of them is having Dog Tags identifying you as a Smitty’s Brewing Plank Owner. Bring it to the brewery to receive a 20% discount on your beers and to take a pour from the Founder's Tap Handle.

• Discount cards
What better way to spread the love than to give your pals a card that extends a discount to them when they come into Smitty’s Brewing. Spread the word and the love of Smitty’s Brewing!

Join by picking Salty Plank Owner or Plank Owner on the drop-down menu below then click on the Join Now picture! We'll send you out Plank Owner’s materials as they become available starting with your Growler.

Plank Owner's Club