DF TOM American Pale Ale

Is Light, Smooth & Citrusy making the perfect Summer beer.

5% Alcohol by Volume this beer has an IBU of 44.

Old Oak 4x6

Old Oak (Underway) IPA

Is an Oak infused IPA. People who like IPA's love it and those who don't will have a change of heart at one sip. It's has a citrusy taste with hints of vanilla. 5.5% Alcohol by Volume this beer has an IBU of 60. 

Old Oak Mug

Flying High In Deadly Taste


Coming Soon7
Jhon Paul Jones Scottish Ale small

John Paul Jones Scottish Ale Export

is super smooth with a rich caramel aftertaste

6% Alcohol by Volume and an IBU of around 25. 

Manu Neptunus

Manu Neptunus (The Hand of Neptune)

is a Hefeweizen Wheat Ale, with a nutty banana, Clove taste, some say Banana Nut Bread.  

5% Alcohol by Volume and an IBU of around 41. 

Coming Soon7
Hop Shell 4x6

Coming Soon!

Hop Shell Double IPA

is a Light in Color and Heavy in Hops Double IPA. (Still working on the ABV but will at least be above 8%)  

9.5% Alcohol by Volume and an IBU of around 116. 

Hop Shell
Halls of Montezuma

Halls of Montezuma is a Mexican Lager crisp with a strong pepper taste. Brewed with three different peppers it's like nothing your ever tasted and will keep you coming back for more.  6% Alcohol by Volume this beer has an IBU of 32.


Double - B, she is one smooth brunette. Brewed with PNW blackberries she is sure to please. 5.5% Alcohol by Volume this beer has an IBU of 24. 

Sub Diesel 4x6

Sub Diesel is just as thick as Diesel and just as dark as the deepest depths of the sea. This hoppy Chocolate Imperial Stout with hints of hazelnut, is sure to warm you up. 8% Alcohol by Volume this beer has an IBU of 64.

Sub Diesel Mug

POW*MIA Porter is a bold, dark and rich porter dry hoped to give it that PNW hoppy taste. 5% Alcohol by Volume this beer has an IBU of 41. 

5% of the annual profit of this beer is donated to the National League of POW/MIA Families


7384506646_0dcb6c8841_b 2

        So when I came up with the Idea of using the POW/MIA flag as a label on a beer I was on the fence. I contacted and talked to the president of the organization Ann Mills-Griffiths and she seemed very excited about the idea. She wrote;

"Hopefully, the beer you are brewing on which our POW/MIA logo appears also draws additional attention to the need for achieving the fullest possible accounting for those still missing from the Vietnam War, as well as those lost in wars and conflicts from earlier years back to and including WWII".

    Cheers, and know that this porter is brewed and labeled in good faith and with the utmost respect for what it stands for. Please visit the link below to find out more about the organization. 



Old Ironsides 4x6

Old Ironsides is a Belgian Style Specialty Ale rich on the belgian wheat taste with a hint of coriander and orange peel. 6.5% Alcohol by Volume this beer has an IBU of 32.5.

Old Ironsides Mug
Pearl Harbor Red 3 4x6

Pearl Harbor Red is a beautiful flanders red ale with a light taste of Pineapple and Macadamia Nut.

5% Alcohol by Volume this beer has an IBU of 21.

Beer Shot Pearl Harbor
Merica 4x6

Merica is an American Amber, red and rich with a very smooth aftertaste. 5% Alcohol by Volume this beer has an IBU of 35.

American Amber
Old Salt 4x6

Old Salt Double IPA is a robust Imperial Pale Ale Dark Amber in color and full on taste.

10% ABV / 100 IBU's

La Victoire Saison 4x6

La Victoire Saison is one good Saison. Give a try great for light beer drinkers and a great summer beer. 6.5% Alcohol by Volume this beer has an IBU of 27. 

Oktober Pumpkinfest 4x6

Seasonal Brew ready for the seasons. Oktober Pumpkinfest is a october pumpkin beer that satisfies both palate. For those who like their pumpkin beers this is the one for you and.  It's a spicy twist on two different styles of beer. 5.5% Alcohol by Volume and an IBU of around 27.

(Available Sep - Dec).



Winter Truce is a Seasonal Brew with dark Malt extra Oats and lots of Chocolate. Its what I call a Scottish Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. At 9.5% abv it's sure to warm you up.

9.5% Alcohol by Volume and an IBU of around 67.

(Available Oct - March).