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Honor, Courage and Commitment are words we live by even after uniformed service to our country. We are those who suffered in harm’s way, those who volunteered to step up and defend, and those who gave all. We are veterans, proud through and through, constantly striving for excellence, forever in service of our countrymen...... you.

Smitty’s Brewing is a veteran owned and veteran run business that will always strive to maintain a minimum of 50% employees as veterans. While it's one way we support our veteran brothers and sisters, another is 5% of our annual profits will directly benefit homeless vets.

Located in Bremerton, Washington Smitty's Brewing is a PNW brewery like no other in the United States, wholeheartedly believing in producing excellent beer and merging it with a great cause. So drink-em-up and support a veteran and enjoy some of the best beers the PNW has to offer.



Adam Smith "Smitty"

I am a retired Navy Veteran of 20 years that loves to brew, loves to make friends and share my craft while help my fellow brothers and sisters. Ask anyone who has had one of my beers and they will tell you that stuff is good. Come by and try one sometime, buy a beer and support our vets. I know you will enjoy drinking my beers as much as I have enjoyed making them for you.

- Smitty-Head Brewer/Owner

Great Beer, Great Cause